Building an Effective Online Campaign Strategy

Online campaigns don't just happen. They require an ongoing investment of campaign resources if they are to serve, rather that detract from the success of your campaign.

Launching your site is only the first step down this path. Publishing your site's url on every piece of literature you publish in whatever media is only a start.

The work you do to bring folks to your site is lost if when they get there they find incomplete or out-of-date content.

Your web site is your opportunity to demonstrate how responsive you are prepared to be once elected. Anytime a voter, the media or a supporter contacts your campaign through the site, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your eagerness to serve the public.

Throwing up a site without thought to the campaign infrastructure it takes to make that site serve your campaign can be worse than not publishing a site at all.

This article and the others linked below offer ideas on how to build and execute a comprehensive online campaign strategy. Every key staff or volunteer on your campaign team has a role in the online campaign. And the larger your district, the more important it will be that you give your online strategy serious attention.

Make sure that every trusted volunteer on your campaign has a user account on your site so they can contribute content. And incorporate into what you ask of your key folks that they do in fact contribute, at least a page about their corner of the campaign.