Providing Application Hosting, Telephony and IT Development Services to Green Candidates, Green Parties and the non profits working for a just and sustainable future.

Its not enough to be right on the issues.

Starting early and building an effective and funded campaign that reaches and counts your voters can get you elected.

We offer the tools of advanced web hosting, social networking, telephony, contact management and bookkeeping...

... along with custom development, computer telephony, database engineering and data mining...

... available to Green Parties, Green candidates, and the Green-minded nonprofits working for a just and sustainable future.

Campaign Foundations offers more than just web sites. We stitch together your virtual campaign office.

Our Campaign Hosting Package - Basic comes with “volunteer”, “subscribe” and “donate” forms linked to your PayPal or merchant account.

Our Basic package also includes an account on our Ledger-SMB bookkeeping system to help you meet campaign financial disclosure requirements.

Our Basic Campaign Web Hosting package includes the listserves you need to keep your message in front voters, supporters and the media.

Our Campaign Hosting Package, Plus puts the powerful relationship management engine of CiviCRM at your fingertips.

Our Campaign Hosting Package - Premium includes the Virtual Phone Bank application, permitting your volunteers to work from a single call list although in multiple locations.

We also offer telephony services, robo-calls, GIS mapping and custom application development.

We answer support calls for the tools we build or host 65 hours a week as well as by appointment.

At Campaign Foundations, we are veteran community and political organizers, trainers and results-oriented open source software developers.

At Campaign Foundations, we're invested in your success.